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The Standards Commission issues Guidance to help councillors and members of devolved public bodies interpret and adhere to the provisions in the Code of Conduct and to attain the highest possible standards of conduct.

Consultation Documents

The Standards Commission is committed to providing a response to any consultation that impacts on the ethical standards framework and standards in public life.

In addition, the Standards Commission regularly undertakes consultations and share responses on issues that impact the ethical standards framework, including any proposals to change the Guidance to the Codes of Conduct.

Current Consultations

The Scottish Government recently consulted on both the Councillors’ and Model Codes of Conduct. Following those consultations, the updated Codes are in the process of being finalised and it is anticipated they will be laid before Parliament in early September.

The most up to date version of the draft revised Councillors’ Code of Conduct can be downloaded here.

The most up to date version of the draft revised Model Code can be downloaded here - and please note, in light of the responses received to its consultation on the draft Model Code, the Scottish Government intends to let Health and Social Care Partnerships opt out of the collective responsibility provision at paragraph 3.11, when adopting the Code for their own members.

Though few, if any, further changes are anticipated, please bear in mind that these are not the final revised Codes.

In the meantime, the Standards Commission has updated its Guidance to support the revised Councillors’ Code and Model Code, copies of which can be downloaded below:

Draft Guidance on Revised Councillors’ Code of Conduct

Draft Guidance on Revised Model Code of Conduct

While these will be available as a whole, the documents are lengthy. As such, the intention is to divide them into separate Guidance documents covering each section of the Code. The Standards Commission’s existing Advice Notes will also be updated.

The Standards Commission would be delighted to hear any suggestions, views and comments you may have on both the content and the format of the Guidance. Please send any feedback by 30 September 2021 to

Case examples (either hypothetical or real) that you would like to see included would be especially welcome, as well as suggestions for any topics you feel would benefit from further Advice Notes.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Past Consultations (Closed)

We are pleased to publish the draft of our British Sign Language (BSL) Plan.  The Plan sets out the actions which the Standards Commission will take over the period 2018-2024 to improve access to information and services for BSL users.  The draft Plan is available as a BSL Video on our facebook page or as a document.  We will accept comments on this draft Plan until 7 September 2018.
We would be interested to receive your views on the commitments provided in the draft Plan. If there is anything else you would like to see covered or any other thoughts you have on the Plan please send a video clip or written response to
British Sign Language users can contact us via contactSCOTLAND-BSL
We will use the information you give us to develop our BSL Plan.  Further details on what we will do with any information you share with us can be found in the plan

The Scottish Government issued a consultation on possible amendments to the provisions on conflicts of interests in the Councillors' Code of Conduct in December 2016.  The Standards Commission's response, issued on 6 March 2017, can be found below.


The Standards Commission's response to the Consultation on Possible Amendments to the Councillors' Code of Conduct

6th March 2017

Download PDF

Standards Commission - British Sign Language Plan (DRAFT)

Download PDF