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Codes of Conduct

The Codes of Conduct outline the standards of conduct expected of councillors and members of devolved public bodies.

Codes of Conduct for Members of Devolved Public Bodies


The Scottish Parliament demonstrated its commitment to the promotion of high standards in public life by passing the Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. (Scotland) Act 2000 as one of its earliest statutes.  The Act introduced an ethical framework which required Scottish Ministers to issue a Code of Conduct for Councillors and a Model Code of Conduct for members of the devolved public bodies listed in schedule 3 of the Act.

The Model Code for Members of Devolved Public bodies was first introduced in 2002.  During 2014 the Scottish Government undertook a review of the Model Code of Conduct  A public consultation was then carried out on a revised Code of Conduct.

The Revised Model Code of Conduct

The Revised Model Code of Conduct was introduced in February 2014.  The Revised Model Code of Conduct can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Each designated devolved public body is obliged to have a Code of Conduct for their appointed Members, to reflect the functions and characteristics of the individual body.  These individual Codes are approved by Scottish Ministers and adapted from a Model Code of Conduct approved by the Scottish Parliament.

Codes of Conduct currently apply to the following categories of public bodies:

  • National Bodies e.g. the Scottish Legal Aid Board
  • Regional Bodies e.g. Highlands and Islands Enterprise
  • National Health Service Boards
  • Health & Social Care Integration Joint Boards
  • Further Education Colleges
  • National Parks
  • Regional Transport Partnerships
  • Community Justice Authorities  

There are approximately 1400 Board Members appointed to Devolved Public Bodies.

A list of the Schedule 3 bodies covered by the Standards Commission can be found on the Scottish Government's website at Public Bodies

The Codes of Conduct have a key role in setting out, openly and clearly, the standards of conduct that must be adhered to by those in public office. This is vital to reinforce and strengthen public confidence in members of the boards of devolved public bodies.

The Standards Commission publishes guidance for members of devolved public bodies on how to interpret the provisions within the Model Code of Conduct.  For more information and to access the Guidance, please click on 'Guidance' in the Menu above.

Model Code of Conduct for Members of Boards of Devolved Public Bodies (2014)

Model Code of Conduct for Members of Boards of Devolved Public Bodies (2014)

1st February 2014

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